Vaginal Breech Training

Training options

Online courses

For maternity care professionals, we offer Breech Pro, a fully online vaginal breech training course. Course materials are self-paced, downloadable, and accessible for 1 year. Breech Pro also includes twice-monthly optional live sessions with Dr. Hayes and Dr. Freeze.

Parents, doulas, & childbirth educators are invited to enroll in Breech 101

You can also watch the 2019 Madison Breech Conference.  

Hybrid workshops

Our hybrid workshops have 3 parts: 
1. Breech Pro (online breech training course)
2. A full day of hands-on instruction, including 2 hours of small group simulation training and breech birth video analysis
3. One year of twice-monthly live sessions (plus recordings) with the instructors 

Students learn on our Sophie and Her Mum simulators.

We follow covid-19 protocols to minimize transmission, including masks, gloves, room ventilation, & social distancing.

Grand Rounds & residency training

Breech Without Borders wants the next generation of OB and FP residents to be breech-skilled. We are happy to train residents as well as offer Grand Rounds lectures on vaginal breech birth. 

We train residents (as well as hospital staff generally) by bringing in two Sophie and Her Mum simulators. We train in both supine and upright breech techniques, giving trainees the skills to attend breech births with women in the position of their choice. 
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About our simulators

Read about our Sophie and Her Mum obstetric simulators and learn how to turn them upright.

Reviews of our courses & workshops

Online course reviews

Read from enrollees of Breech Pro, Breech 101, and the Madison Conference

Hybrid workshop reviews

 Hear from attendees how hybrid breech training works 

In-person workshop reviews

Detailed reviews from OBGYNs and midwives about our in-person workshops (pre-Covid)


David Hayes, MD

Dr. Hayes is an OBGYN with an academic background and a passion for science and its proper application to clinical medicine. He has worked for Médecins Sans Frontières and trained in critical care obstetrics. After beginning as a hospital-based obstetrician, he transitioned into a home birth practice in Asheville, NC. Physiologic breech birth and supporting the training of breech birth attendants are particular interests of his. Dr. Hayes left his home birth practice in 2019 to work full-time with Breech Without Borders. 

Rixa Freeze, PhD

Dr. Freeze has a PhD from the University of Iowa and is a researcher, professor, and mother of 4 young children. Her current research specialization is vaginal breech birth. She is the founder and president of Breech Without Borders and blogs at Stand and Deliver. She taught at Wabash College for 9 years and recently ended her university teaching to dedicate her time to Breech Without Borders. 


All of our breech trainings (virtual or hybrid) cover the following topics:

  • Evidence on term breech since the Term Breech Trial
  • Evidence on community breech birth
  • Breech maneuvers & mechanics: history of obstetric maneuvers, mechanics of physiological breech birth, and an overview of upright & supine maneuvers
  • Clinical aspects of vaginal breech birth: normal & abnormal breech birth, clinical practice guidelines, & maneuvers for resolving obstructed breech birth
  • Nomenclatures & the risks/outcomes of various breech presentations
  • Hands-on simulation training