COVID-19 policies

COVID-19 cancellation policy

If Breech Without Borders needs to cancel due to COVID-19 or low enrollment, or if you cannot come due to COVID-19-related reasons, you will have 2 options:

  1. 50% refund off the ticket price AND access to an online breech workshop. The online sessions will be available asynchronously (viewable at your own convenience). In addition, we will offer several live sessions where participants can interact with the instructors, ask questions, watch and comment on breech birth videos, etc. The online workshop includes CEUs.
  2. Transfer your registration to any other upcoming breech workshop (with a refund of any price difference) AND get access to an online breech workshop. Two workshops for the price of one!

BWB Covid-19 mitigation plan

Breech Without Borders takes very seriously the risks associated with gatherings of people, often from many regions, states, and occasionally countries during a coronavirus pandemic. We are taking every reasonable action to reduce transmission to and from our audience, which naturally includes health care workers active in their communities. We understand that some participants may hold different views of the risk of acquiring CoV2 from community exposure. However, we ask that our attendees be sensitive to the fact that the instructors will be traveling extensively. Attendees who do not wish to comply or who exhibit any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will not be admitted to the workshop. However, they will have access to the entire virtual course as well as the live stream of the workshop and can still receive CEUs for virtual attendance.

We have developed a flexible mitigation plan that hinges on our assessment of the risk of transmission of CoV2 at the time of the workshop. For each venue we will assess the average prevalence of Covid-19 in the area surrounding the venue during the week prior to the workshop. To make an educated guess as to the risk of transmission, we will consider factors such as hospital and ICU occupancy, number of cases, percent of population tested, and percent positivity of those tested, the rate and direction of change in cases, and the current recommendations of the local county health authorities. That will, in turn, determine which elements of our Covid mitigation plan that we put into practice. We will cancel workshops where local/state/federal guidelines prohibit gatherings due to Covid-19. 

The mitigation elements below are for areas where gatherings are permitted. They reflect the most stringent protocols and may or may not be in use during your workshop, depending on the prevailing situation at the time the workshop takes place. Our guidelines will be at least as stringent, and likely more so, than those required by local authorities.

Instructions for workshop participants

Venue: We anticipate a minimum of 50 sq. feet of floor space per attendee. When you arrive, the facility will have been cleaned and set up to maximize social distance and minimize traffic flow. We will have provisions for sanitizing your hands, masks*, and gloves for the hands-on portions. Please observe the floor markings for movement to minimize unnecessary face-to-face contact. 

*If you would prefer to use an N95 mask or greater, you may provide your own.

Arrival: We ask that you arrive early, up to 30 minutes, to minimize the gathering of people at the entrance.

Registration: On arrival you will find a queue line marked off on the floor leading to the entrance. There will be hand sanitation stations providing sanitizing wipes/gel, masks, and a trash receptacle. Please clean your hands, then take your masks. You will receive two masks at the door. Please put one mask on prior to checking in. Masks are required for all attendees; no medical exemptions. 

When we break for lunch, discard your morning mask on the way out and use your remaining mask when you return.

Prior to collecting your registration information, we will ask a few screening questions about Covid-19 symptoms and exposure as well as check your temperature with a remote infrared thermometer. People with recent known direct exposure, symptoms consistent with respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, watery eyes, rhinorrhea, recent loss of taste or smell, congestion, fatigue, chills, body ache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea), or a temperature greater than 100°F without symptoms will not be admitted to the workshop.

Set-up: Chairs will be placed prior to the workshop to maintain the most functional social distancing possible. You are welcome to sit where you prefer, but please do not move the chairs from their positions. Paths for accessing seating will be marked prior to the workshop making the traffic flow one way to the extent possible, minimizing close face-to-face contact.

Food: Unfortunately, the safe distribution of meals, snacks, and beverages will not be possible during times of significant Covid-19 prevalence. Each attendee is encouraged to bring their own snacks and beverages. A full hour will be set aside to obtain lunch. You are welcome to bring lunch. Please consume all food and beverages outside the facility and maintain proper social distancing while enjoying your breaks with others. 

Restrooms: There will be hand sanitizing wipes/gel and trash cans outside the restroom(s) and/or at the classroom entrance. There will be marked spacing for those waiting in queue to get in. We will clean the restroom fixtures just before each break and lunch. 

As a high-traffic enclosed space, restrooms are of particular concern. Lights and exhaust fans, if available, will remain on for the duration of the workshop. Please do not turn them off. 

When exiting the restroom please ensure the door remains open, using a door stop if necessary. Once the door is open, take one of the sanitizing wipes provided outside the door to sanitize your hands and deposit this wipe in the trash can on the outside of the door.

Hands-on portion: Social distancing will be clearly marked around each simulator for both the participant and observers. People like to crowd around and watch the simulations. Please be mindful of acceptable distancing. There will be a sanitizing station at each simulator. Please remove and discard your mask and clean your hands as instructed at the sanitizing station. You will then be given a new mask to wear while you are participating in the simulation, which will be worn until the end of the session.

You will also take a pair of gloves as instructed, and wear them during the simulation. Discard the gloves after you complete your simulation. If time allows and you return for more simulations you will take a new pair of gloves.

The simulators will be sanitized with alcohol between each participant.

We realize the inconvenience necessitated by our precautions and very much appreciate your patience and understanding. This is new for all of us. We want you to enjoy the workshop and get as much out of it as possible, but we want everyone to be safe doing so.