Upcoming trainings

Our vaginal breech training combines Breech Pro, an online breech training course, with in-person full-day workshops. These training days include hands-on simulation training with Dr. Freeze, Dr. Hayes, and/or Kristine Lauria, CPM. Our instructors bring a Sophie and Her Mum simulator for life-like simulations. The training day also includes breech birth video analysis and clinical scenarios.

Upcoming workshops


  • Fallbrook, CA, Jan 6-7 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/fallbrookbreech (Breech Training + Advanced Simulation Training)
  • Beverly Hills, CA, Jan 11-12 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/beverlybreech (Breech Training + Advanced Simulation Training)
  • Riverside, CA, Jan 15-16 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/riversidebreech (Breech Training + Advanced Simulation Training)
  • Ukiah, CA (Wine Country), Jan 19-20 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/ukiahbreech (Breech Training + Advanced Simulation Training) 
  • Bowling Green, KY, May 17 or 18 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/bgbreech
  • Washington, D.C., May 20, 21, or 22 and 23 with Kristine Lauria, bit.ly/dcbreech (Breech Training + Master Class)
  • Chicago, IL, July 20 or 21 with Kristine Lauria: bit.ly/chicagobreech
  • Ann Arbor, MI, September 14 & 15 with Kristine Lauria, bit.ly/annarborbreech (Breech Training + Master Class)
  • Grand Rapids, MI, September 17 & 18 with Kristine Lauria: bit.ly/grbreech (Breech Training + Master Class)
  • Traverse City, MI, September 21 & 22 with Kristine Lauria: bit.ly/tcbreech (Breech Training + Master Class)
  • Willard, WI (Central WI), Sep 21 with Dr. Hayes: bit.ly/willardbreech
  • Minneapolis/St.Cloud, MN, Sept. 24, 25, or 27 with David Hayes and Kristine Lauria (breech) and Sept. 26 (Master Class) with Kristine Lauria: bit.ly/mnbreech

Central/South America

Europe 2024

  • Berlin, Germany, April 9 or 10 & 11 with Kristine Lauria & Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/berlinbreech (Breech training & Master Class) 
  • Wroclaw, Poland, April 13 & 14 with Kristine Lauria & Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/wroclawbreech (Breech training + Master Class)
  • Budapest, Hungary, April 18-19 with Kristine Lauria & Rixa Freeze, with guest instructor Dr. Andrew Bisits: bit.ly/breechbudapest (Breech training + Master Class)
  • Prague, Czech Republic, April 22-23 with Kristine Lauria & Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/praguebreech (Breech training + Master Class)
  • Barcelona, Spain, April 27 & 28 with Kristine Lauria & Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/barcelonabreech (Breech training + Master Class) 
  • Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, April 29 with Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/galiciabreech (Breech training)
  • Madrid, Spain, May 2 with Kristine Lauria, bit.ly/madridbreech (Breech training)
  • Klagenfurt, Austria, May 24 with Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/klagenfurtbreech (Breech training) 
  • Jerez, Cadiz, Spain, June 14 with Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/nalgasandalucia (Breech Training)
  • Seville, Spaine, June 16 with Rixa Freeze: bit.ly/nalgasandalucia (Breech Training)
  • Reykjavík, Iceland, October 9 & 10 with Kristine Lauria: bit.ly/icelandbreech (Breech training + Master Class)

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