Upcoming workshops

Our vaginal breech training combines Breech Pro, an online breech training course, with in-person full-day workshops. These training days include hands-on simulation training with Dr. Freeze, Dr. Hayes, and/or Kristine Lauria, CPM. Our instructors bring a Sophie and Her Mum simulator for life-like simulations. The training day also includes breech birth video analysis and clinical scenarios.

Upcoming workshops


Vancouver, WA, Sep 9 & 11: bit.ly/wabreech (+ Master Class)
Spokane, WA, Sep 15-16: bit.ly/wabreech (+ Master Class)
Seattle, WA, Sep 19-22: bit.ly/seattlebreech (+ Master Class)
Anchorage, AK, Sep 15: bit.ly/anchoragebreech
Maui, HI, Sep 30-Oct 1: bit.ly/mauibreech (+ Master Class)
Kailua-Kona, HI, Oct 3: bit.ly/konabreech
Oahu, HI, Oct 5-6: bit.ly/oahubreech (+ Master Class)
Geisinger Health, Danville, PA, Oct 5 & 12 (private training, please inquire if you are a local MD or midwife)
Doylestown, PA, Oct 7: bit.ly/doylestownbreech
Central PA (Lewisburg), Oct 14: bit.ly/cpabreech
Comprehensive Breech Birth Intensive at the Midwifery Wisdom Experience, Nov 10-14, Denver CO. Click here for more information

Fallbrook, CA,
Jan 6-7: bit.ly/fallbrookbreech (+ Advanced Simulation Training)
Beverly Hills, CA, Jan 11-12: bit.ly/beverlybreech (+ Advanced Simulation Training)
Riverside, CA, Jan 15-16: bit.ly/riversidebreech (+ Advanced Simulation Training)
Ukiah, CA (Wine Country), Jan 19-20: bit.ly/ukiahbreech (+ Advanced Simulation Training) 
Bowling Green, KY, May 17: bit.ly/bgbreech


Edmonton, AB, Canada, Aug 30-31: bit.ly/edmontonbreech
Calgary, AB, Canada, Sep 5: bit.ly/calgarybreech
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sep 8-9: bit.ly/vancouverbreech

South America

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, November 2 or 3: bit.ly/nalgasbolivia
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, November 9-11: bit.ly/pelvicobelo
Brasilia, Brazil, November 16: bit.ly/pelvicobrasilia
Juiz de Fora, Brazil, November 20 or 21: bit.ly/pelvicojuiz
Quito, Ecuador, November 25 or 26: bit.ly/pelvicoquito
Cotacachi, Ecuador, Nov 30: bit.ly/pelvicocotacachi
Santiago, Chile, Dec 7: bit.ly/pelvicosantiago
Villarrica, Chile, Dec 11: bit.ly/pelvicovillarrica

EU 2024

Wroclaw, Poland, April 13 & 14, bit.ly/wroclawbreech (+ Master Class)
Budapest, Hunagry, bit.ly/breechbudapest (+Master Class)                                                  Prague, Czech Republic, bit.ly/praguebreech (+Master Class)