Hybrid Breech Workshops

Learn Breech. Safely. 

Want actual hands on experience but concerned about Covid-19? We've got you covered. 

For places where it is permissible to hold small gatherings, we offer a hybrid workshop with three parts:

  1. Breech Pro, an online vaginal breech training course covering all of the material in our 2-day breech workshop. 
  2. Hands-on small group simulation training with Dr. Hayes and/or Dr. Freeze. 
  3. 1 year of twice-monthly live sessions (recordings also available) for ongoing mentorship

Each simulation group will have 4 students or fewer per instructor and will have a 2-hour block to learn and practice on the Sophie and Her Mum simulators. Additional blocks of simulation time may be purchased as well. All sessions will be carefully organized to minimize any risk of Covid-19 transmission, including gloves, masks, room ventilation, and social distancing. 

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Our full hybrid package is approved for 18 ACNM CEs. Breech Pro, the online portion of the hybrid package, is self-paced and downloadable. It includes 16 ACNM CEs and 15 CMEs/CPDs in Australia and New Zealand. ACNM CEs have reciprocity with MEAC, DONA, & ICEA. 

I already took a breech workshop.
Can I come just for the hands-on training?

Yes! Workshop or Breech Pro alums may register just for simulation hours. We also offer Breech Refresh, a 4.5-hour online training course that reminds you of what you learned in the workshop and gets you ready for simulation training. 

If it has been more than a year since you attended the breech workshop, we highly recommend that you enroll in either Breech Pro or Breech Refresh alongside your simulation hours. 

I am an alum. What is the difference between Breech Pro and Breech Refresh?

If you want to review the full course (and earn up to 18 CEUs including the simulation training), we encourage you to sign up for the full hybrid workshop. It will give you our full Breech Pro training package, twice-monthly live sessions with Dr. Hayes and Dr. Freeze for a full year, and 2 hours of simulation trianing. (We also record the first live session of every month for those who can't make it live.)

Topics covered in Breech Pro:

1. Evidence on term breech since the Term Breech Trial, Dr. Freeze (2 CEs)
2. Breech maneuvers & mechanics, Dr. Freeze (3 CEs)
   a. History of breech maneuvers 1609-present
   b. Physiological breech birth
   c. Upright & supine maneuvers
3. Clinical aspects of vaginal breech birth, Dr. Hayes (5 CEs)
   a. Normal breech birth
   b. Selection criteria & clinical practice guidelines
   c. Abnormal breech birth
   d. Maneuvers
4. Nomenclature and the risks/outcomes of various leg presentations, Dr. Freeze (1 CE)
5. Outcomes of community breech birth, Dr. Freeze (1 CE)
6. Filmed simulations with Dr. Hayes & Dr. Freeze (4 CEs)
   a. Doll & pelvis demonstrations of upright & supine maneuvers, from both a top & bottom view, Dr. Freeze
   b. Demonstrations of the upright & supine maneuvers on Sophie and Her Mum, in both LST and RST, Dr. Freeze
   c. Demonstrations with Sophie & Her Mum with a student Floriane; Dr. Freeze walks her through all of the maneuvers and helps her learn how to do them
   d. Clinical scenarios with Dr. Hayes & a student, using Sophie & Her Mum 

On the other hand, if you only need a quick reminder of what you learned in the previous workshop, you can take Breech Refresh before your simulation training. 

Topics covered in Breech Refresh: 

1. Physiological breech birth (44 minutes; Dr. Freeze)
2. Normal breech birth, from rumping to birth of the head, for both frank and nonfrank breech presentations (44 minutes; Dr. Hayes)
3. Abnormal breech birth, reviewing the decision tree for vaginal breech birth and then applying it to real breech birth videos in which the mechanisms are disrupted (40 minutes; Dr. Hayes)
4. Upright and supine maneuvers for resolving obstructed breech birth using an obstetrical simulator (45 minutes, Dr. Freeze)
5. 2020 research update (1.5 hours, Dr. Freeze)

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August 2022

The 2022 Camp Birth workshop is being held at Camp Widewater, near Liberty, OH. You will be brought to an external registration link, where you can enroll in the breech workshop on Aug 1, as well as  B.E.S.T. and/or NRP training on August 2, and food/lodging options.

For more information about Camp Birth, visit www.campbirth.com.

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Photos from the 2021 Houston, TX workshop

Photos from the NW Indiana workshop