Hybrid Breech Workshops

Learn Breech. Safely. 

We offer a vaginal breech workshop with three parts:

  1. A full day of hands-on training with Dr. Hayes, Dr. Freeze, and/or Kristine Lauria, CPM. This includes 1 hour of demonstrations, 4 hours of simulation training with the instructors, and 4 hours of activity stations (breech birth video analysis and clinical scenario flashcards). 
  2. Breech Pro, an online vaginal breech training course covering all of the material in our 2-day breech workshop. 
  3. 1 year of twice-monthly live sessions (recordings also available) for ongoing mentorship.

In Australia and New Zealand, our breech workshop has been approved for up to 24 continuing education/CPD hours by the ACM and Midwifery Council. RANZCOG credits have been applied for. 

In the USA, it is currently approved for 18 ACNM CEs, and we will be expanding the CE hours when we recertifify with ACNM in 2023.

I already took a breech workshop.
Can I come just for the hands-on training?

Yes! All of our full-day workshops allow you to attend with an alum discount, provided you have taken Breech Pro in the past. If your Breech Pro subscription has expired, you can renew it for just $50 USD. 

Those who have previously taken an in-person workshop (pre-Covid) will receive a discount and will need to re-enroll in the full workshop package. 

On-demand breech training

If you want to train on your own schedule, this option is perfect for you! You choose the date and the people you want to train with, and we'll make it happen! The training location is a short walk from a direct airport tramway and just 3 minutes from the beach. Come enjoy sun, sea, and breech!

USA & Carribean 2023

Merida, Mexico, Feb 24-25: bit.ly/podalicamerida
Puerto Rico, Feb. 28 or March 1: bit.ly/prbreech
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, April 4: bit.ly/drbreech 
Chesapeake, VA, April 13 & 14: bit.ly/chesapeakebreech
Richmond, VA, April 17: bit.ly/richmondbreech
Charlottesville, VA, April 19: bit.ly/chvabreech
Roanoke, VA, April 22: bit.ly/roanokebreech
Denver, CO, May 2: bit.ly/denverbreech
Santa Fe, NM, May 4-5: bit.ly/santafebreech (+ Master Class) with guest instructor Larry Leeman, MD, MPH
Las Cruces, NM, May 8-9: bit.ly/swbreech (+ Master Class)
El Paso, TX, May 11-12: bit.ly/swbreech (+ Master Class)
Austin, TX, May 16-17: bit.ly/austinbreech (+ Master Class & Advanced Sims)
Dallas, TX, May 20-21: bit.ly/dallas2023 (+ Master Class & Advanced Sims)
Houston, TX, May 24-25: bit.ly/houston2023 (+ Master Class & Advanced Sims)
Zaragoza, Spain, June 10: bit.ly/zaragozabreech
St. Louis, MO, June 12: bit.ly/stlbreech
Springfield, MO, June 17: bit.ly/mobreech
Rockland County, NY, July 18-19: bit.ly/rocklandbreech
Watertown, NY, July 22: bit.ly/watertownbreech
Springfield, MA, July 26: bit.ly/spmabreech
Des Moines, IA, Aug 25-26: bit.ly/desmoinesbreech (+ Master Class) 
Quad Cities, IL/IA, Aug 29-30: bit.ly/quadcitiesbreech (+ Master Class)
Vancouver, WA, Sep 9 & 11: bit.ly/wabreech (+ Master Class)
Spokane, WA, Sep 15-16: bit.ly/wabreech (+ Master Class)
Seattle, WA, Sep 19-22: bit.ly/seattlebreech (+ Master Class)
Kailua-Kona, HI, Sep 26-27 : bit.ly/konabreech (+ Master Class)
Maui, HI, Sep 30-Oct 1: bit.ly/mauibreech (+ Master Class) 
Oahu, HI, Oct 5-6: bit.ly/oahubreech (+ Master Class)

Canada 2023

Kingston, ON, Canada, July 11: bit.ly/kingstonbreech 
Niagara, ON, Canada,
July 13: bit.ly/niagarabreech
Toronto, ON, Canada, July 15-16: bit.ly/torontobreech
Edmonton, AB, Canada, Aug 30: bit.ly/edmontonbreech

Central & South America 2023

Mérida, Yucatan, MX, Feb 24 or 25: bit.ly/podalicamerida
Oaxaca, MX, June 29-July 1: bit.ly/2023oaxaca (+ Master Class)

Europe/UK 2023

Nice, France: on-demand workshops through early July 2023: bit.ly/nicebreech
Olesnica-Wroclaw, Poland,
April 1-2: bit.ly/warclawbreech
Thessaloniki, Greece, April 8-9 : bit.ly/thesbreech
Athens, Greece, April 12: bit.ly/athensbreech
Zaragoza, Spain, June 10: bit.ly/zaragozabreech

Africa 2023

East London, South Africa, May 8: bit.ly/eastlondonbreech
Johannesburg, South Africa, May 12: bit.ly/jhbbreech
Cape Town, South Africa, May 15: bit.ly/capetownbreech

Photos from the 2021 Houston, TX workshop

Photos from the NW Indiana workshop