Breech & Twin Master Class

The Breech and Twins Master Class is an advanced education class that builds upon the material from Breech Pro. The course will cover complicated/complex/rare scenarios that may arise during breech and twin births. As well as management of breech and twin labor. 
This course is being offered in conjunction with our hybrid full-day breech workshops in select locations in the US, Mexico, and Guatemala. Please visit the schedule page for a full list of locations.
*Current enrollment in or previous completion of Breech Pro is a prerequisite for the MC. 

About the Instructor: 
Kristine Lauria, midwife, works for Médecins Sans Frontières and became BWB's Global Midwifery Director in 2022. 

She specializes in high-risk maternity care in low-resource environments and is passionate in her support of bodily autonomy in medical decision making and is a staunch advocate for undisturbed, physiologic birth.

She has attended over 5000 births in more than 25 countries around the world, among them being over 500 vaginal breech births, including 300 sets of twins and triplets.

Her knowledge and unique experiences are shared throughout this course.