Breech & Twin Master Class

Kristine Lauria, CPM of Médecins Sans Frontières will be teaching Breech & Twins Master Class throughout New Zealand in 2022 and the USA in 2023 in conjunction with our vaginal breech workshops. The Master Class builds upon the material in the breech course and addresses the complex/complicated/rare scenarios that may arise during breech and twin births.

This Master Class assumes that you are already familiar with the normal mechanisms of physiological breech birth, as well as the maneuvers needed to assist with stuck arms/heads. Enrollment in a breech workshop, Breech Pro, or a previous training with Breech Without Borders is a prerequisite for the Master Class.

Watch Kristine Lauria introduce the Master Class to her New Zealand students: 

Kristine has extensive experience with breech and twin births, having attended 518 vaginal breech birth, 341 sets of twins, and 7 sets of triplets.

In her most recent MSF assignment in South Sudan, she attended 311 births, including 37 breech (16 frank, 11 complete, 10 incomplete, 3 with cord prolapse and 1 with compound hand presentation), 15 sets of twins, and 1 set of triplets. All of the breeches, twins, and triplets were born vaginally. Despite being in a high-risk referral unit and not taking in any "normal" births except the occasional ones that walked in during labor, the C-section rate during Kristine's assignment was just 5%.

The master class will take place from 9 am - 5 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Cost (USD):
MD: $200
Midwife: $175
Student/Indigenous/minority birth worker: $150

Breech workshop attendees receive a discount to the Master Class. 

To enroll in New Zealand (Nov & Dec 2022):
US locations offering the Master Class in 2023: TBA