Reviews of our hybrid workshops

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, CPM, RM, LM

Colorado Springs Midwifery Services

Oh my goodness! How much we learned!

This was my second time through a Breech Without Borders course in the last year and you know what? I know I'll take the course again!

The Hybrid Course (Breech Pro + hands-on simulation training) is excellent. The fifteen hours of on-line instruction is incredible, as well as available to attendees for fully a year! I actually liked the on-line instruction better than I did the in-person instruction. I was able to pause, rewind, and replay the material to my heart's content!

Hannah and I took turns following along with the doll and pelvis demonstrations with our own doll and pelvis--pausing and replaying each section till we felt we had a handle on the maneuvers--how to perform them as well as when to perform them.

Our hands-on sessions with David Hayes were purely amazing! We practiced, we made blunders, we were corrected, we practiced, we improved, we practiced, we were further corrected, we practiced, we improved further, we practiced, we practiced, we practiced!

If you're a birthworker--a midwife or a doctor--you can scarcely afford to miss such an unequalled opportunity to master this art. For so many complicated reasons, hardly any of us are granted the chance to learn how to watch over the births of breech babies, let alone how to watch safely and well.

But the chance we'll make it through the courses of our careers without coming face-to-face with a little rump or set or two of tiny toes is unlikely.

We absolutely owe it to those we're called upon to serve to know what to do when we do one day see that rump or those tiny toes.

It's hard to describe how good it feels to know I'm prepared for such a day.

Jen Holland, CPM, LDM

Fig Midwifery / Oregon

I had taken another breech training before Breech Without Borders', so I expected this course to feel like a refresher. I realized from the pre-course assessment that I still had so much to learn about vaginal breech birth! This course covers the normal breech birth and encourages a hands off approach when everything is going as it should, and clearly teaches the signs that something isn't working and what exactlly to do about it. 

Dr. Hayes says that one advantage to a breech birth over a cephalic is that the baby tells you exactly what is going on with their arms and head by the way their body descends and rotates; all the information you need is right in front of you. 

The hands-on portion gives an opportunity to understand how much force may be required to do the maneuvers, and to build muscle memory. It is clear from the online and in-person portions that Drs Hayes and Freeze have a deep trust of the birth process. I will take the refresher over and over again. Thank you for this excellent resource!

Shannon Mitchell, CPM, LM

Exhale Birth Services / Carnation, WA, USA

When I attended the in-person workshop in 2019, I told so many people that it was the most informative workshop that I had ever attended. Yesterday's hybrid workshop equaled it. I have been to so many trainings and often feel like it's a rehash of what we already know. This was not only relevant, it was responsive and it was hands-on in an accurate manner. As a provider, it was amazing. As a person who supports others, it gave me ways to explain things in a whole new light. Totally worth it.

Erin Kershaw, BS, RN, DEM

Beautiful Beginnings Home Birth / Doylestown, PA

Breech Without Borders' hybrid breech workshop is by far the most in-depth, evidence-based course on vaginal breech birth that I've taken in years. The doctors provide wonderful education on normal breech birth and exactly what to do when a deviation occurs. The didactic portion is amazing alone, but the hands-on experience with the doctors is an excellent way to use that knowledge and really get the maneuvers. Thank you Drs. Hayes and Freeze! 

Tiffany Miller CPM, RM

Preparing for Birth / Colorado Springs, CO

I have to hand it to Breech Without Borders and their ability to adapt to the pandemic climate in order to keep vaginal breech skills alive. I was impressed with the thorough, clear instruction in the online portion (which I viewed with my fellow midwives ahead of time), and with the in-person training. I went from a very basic academic understanding of breech birth as a newer midwife to feeling a measure of realistic confidence that if I am surprised by a breech baby, I will have the skills and muscle memory necessary to help the baby be born as safely as possible, all thanks to Breech Without Borders' hybrid training. The best part is that I feel confident in practicing the skills I've learned on a regular basis with my peers, even without Dr. Hayes, to continue to integrate the academic knowledge with my muscle memory. I am profoundly grateful for their willingness to travel and train us! Breech Without Borders' hybrid training is a gift.

Shari Long Romero, DNP, CNM

Peace, Love, & Shari / Greenwood Village, CO

Breech Without Borders offers complete didactic courses to inform the beginning student and the seasoned professional about the intricacies, history, related skills and tools, risks and benefits of vaginal breech birth. Being able to use tactile senses to cement these invaluable competencies while witnessing the same during critical case presentations from our peers rounded out an incredible interactive experience that is far beyond the ordinary continuing education program. Whether a clinician plans to incorporate breech birth into their practice or not, this course will help guide you through the thought process, decision tree, informed consent with clients, and ultimately through an emergent situation or planned vaginal breech birth. I highly recommend Breech Without Borders. 

Kendice Hartnell

NOVA Birth Services / TN, USA

Exceeded My Expectations

This was an incredible course. I did the hybrid training (online course with a hands-on workshop) and it was perfect for my busy schedule. I liked having access to the online course for a year so I could review and really lock down this skill. The trainers are very knowledgeable and excellent teachers. I highly recommend this course for all birth attendants.