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Resources & information for hybrid workshop organizers

Hello, Hybrid Breech Workshop organizer. We know that time is a scarce resource for so many of us, so let us thank you in advance for your commitment of 2 hours per week to make a hybrid workshop happen in your community. We hope that this guide will be a helpful resource during the planning process.

Below you will find information that will help you bring a successful hybrid BWB course to your area, but first, let's define what the hybrid BWB offering is. BWB's hybrid offering is one of the ways we have adapted to life in the era of Covid-19.

About our hybrid workshop format

Our instructors, Drs. Freeze and Hayes, have worked tirelessly to create Breech Pro, our online breech training course. Recognizing that hands-on training with our Sophie and Her Mum simulators is one of the cornerstones of our training, the Hybrid course came to be.

The Hybrid course gives attendees full access to Breech Pro course for one year. In addition, attendees gather in small groups with Dr. Freeze and/or Dr. Hayes for hands-on simulation time. These in-person simulation blocks are all conducted within the BWB Covid-19 guidelines and protocols. Group sizes are capped at 4 people in 2-hour time blocks.

Students currently enrolled in Breech Pro may also participate in our twice monthly virtual meetups with Drs. Freeze and Hayes. The topic of these meetups alternate monthly between general Q & A sessions and breech birth video viewing/discussion.

Please note that we actively monitor the travel and quarantine guidelines of each location, and in certain cases we may need to postpone our in-person offering or transition it completely to our virtual classroom.

Please watch and share this video that thoroughly explains our hybrid workshop ( This is a great resource for promoting the workshop in your area. 

Can workshop alums come back for more hands-on practice?

Yes! We have two options for workshop alums or those who have already taken Breech Pro:

1. 2 hours of small group hands-on simulation training ($100)

2. Breech Refresh course ($75) + simulation training ($100). Breech Refresh is a 4-hour course reminding participants of what they have learned in previous workshops and getting them ready for simulation training. Includes CEUs. 

Choosing the workshop venue

Location, location, location. You know your community best and here are some key pieces to keep in mind when determining the location of the workshop:

  • While the group simulations are held with four or fewer students, social distancing will be required. The space will need to be large enough for us to maintain space for 5 people
  • Ventilation is key. The ideal location will have windows that can be opened during the simulations.
  • Is there ample parking? While we are gathering in small groups, there will be turnover every 2 ½ hours.
  • Easily accessible restrooms.
  • A sturdy table for attaching our simulator (for example, a standard banquet table, or a smaller table at least 2x3 feet). 
  • Available between the hours of 8 am - 6:30 pm.
  • Bonus points for a space that can be securely locked up between days as this will reduce the amount of time spent on set-up and break-down of Sophie and Her Mum.

A great place to start is with your local hospital as they often have educational spaces that are perfect for drawing in providers across the spectrum. Local birth centers or yoga studios are also good options.

We may need to extend the scheduled number of days to meet the demand. With enough notice, we'd be happy to do that. 

Where can I find flyers and other information?

Our website is full of information about our organization, our instructors, and our workshops. You will also find the current workshop schedule with links to the registration site which you can share with potential attendees. If you click on the picture below, it will take you to a shared folder with all of the 2021 workshop flyers & promotional materials.

The next image links to our folder of promotional materials: general brochures, special sales, promotions, etc. Check back regularly as we are always adding new items. 

You are invited to share any of our Facebook page posts, along with a quick invitation to enroll in one of our workshops. This can be a great way to engage your audience and get them excited about breech. It also gives you new material to share every week. 

On our training page, you can find more information about our instructors. This along with the BWB Hybrid video are helpful pieces of information to share with midwives, physicians, doulas, and other birth professionals in your area.

Every workshop has its own link which will send interested parties directly to the ticketing and registration page.

May 7-8: Shenandoah Valley (Stephens City), VA:
May 10: Charlottesville, VA:
May 11-13: Chesapeake, VA:
June 19-23: Portland, Salem, & Medford, OR:
June 29-30: Seattle, WA:
July 2: Maui, HI:
July 28: Oklahoma City, OK:
July 30-31: Dallas, TX:
Aug 3-4: Houston, TX:
Aug 7-9: Ann Arbor & Traverse City, MI:
Sep 11: Lafayette, LA:
Sep 13: Ithaca, NY:
Sep 14-15: Brooklyn, NY:
Sep 17-18: Washington, DC:
Sep 22: Gettysburg, PA:

Who to contact and how to find them

Facebook is a great place to look for local care providers and organizations that would benefit from our hybrid option. Using the example of North Carolina, we recommend searching for and reaching out to the following:

  • NC midwives
  • NC obstetrics or obgyn
  • NC midwifery association
  • NC friends of midwives
  • NC midwifery
  • NC birth centers
  • NC homebirth
  • NC birth networks
  • NC doula
  • NC childbirth education
  • NC schools of nursing
  • NC medical schools
  • NC EMS/paramedics

You can start by focusing on these categories within a one hour radius from the hybrid workshop location and expand from there. We also suggest using local email lists, contacting birth neworks, droppiing flyers off to OB and midwifery practices, contacting local nursing/medical/midwifery schools, etc. Be creative! 

Sample email script

Dear _______,

I am contacting you on behalf of Breech Without Borders, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to breech training and education. I wanted to let you know about a hybrid vaginal breech workshop that is coming to [city] on [date]. This hybrid workshop has three parts:

1. Access to Breech Pro: an online vaginal breech training course that comes with up to 18 CEU contact hours (ACNM, MEAC, DONA, ICEA).

2. Two hours of small group hands-on simulation training with one or both of the instructors and their Sophie and Her Mum simulators. Group sizes are capped at 4 people with Covid-19 protocols in place.

3. One year of ongoing mentorship via twice-monthly optional live sessions (recordings available)

The instructors of this hybrid workshop are Dr. Rixa Freeze, PhD, a breech researcher, and Dr. David Hayes, an obstetrician with vaginal breech birth experience in both the US and overseas through Médecins Sans Frontières. [Depending on each location, you can announce which of the instructors will be doing the in-person instruction.]

To register for the workshop: [insert link here--you will be provided with your location's specific link.]

For more information about Breech Without Borders and all of their course offerings:

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.


Volunteer for Breech Without Borders

Social Media Ideas

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways to spread awareness of the upcoming workshop by reaching many people at once. Breech Without Borders is currently active on Instagram and Facebook; tagging us (@breechwithoutborders), sharing and reposting our posts and the event page that we've created for your specific event is helpful. We suggest that local organizers post about the workshop at least once a week.

Your workshop's link is also good to use here as it is easily shareable alongside a specific hashtag to use to promote the event. For example:, #cpabreech

Keeping track of where you have advertised

You can keep us up-to-date by entering this information in a Google spreadsheet. The link will be provided to you and will keep us all updated in real-time so that we are focused in our outreach efforts.

The image below shows the advertising spreadsheet of one of our most successful workshops. As you can see, we will work with you on this process. (This is a snapshot of a few days of advertising efforts; this is the kind of outreach you should be doing on a weekly basis.)

How to keep up with ticket sales and registrations

Our ticketing platform, RegFox, allows you to keep track of ticket sales. You will receive an email from Breech Without Borders via Webconnex with an invitation to create a user account. This will allow you to not only monitor ticket sales, but also who in your community still needs to register.

Below is a visual of the following steps in this process:

  • Open invitation email

  • Create your user account

  • Click on "RegFox"

  • Click on your workshop's page to access the dashboard

  • Click on the actual number of Registrants

  • From here you will see the names and info of those who have purchased their tickets; please note that you will find the registrations of those who have opted to use our deposit option under "Payment Pending"

Who can help me?

Not only are we here to help make a successful workshop in your community, but we also encourage you to bring on a helper. This helper should be someone that you work well with and who is also willing to commit the time it takes to make a workshop happen.

The ideal candidate for your helper is someone who is social media savvy and well connected within the community with providers across the spectrum (homebirth, hospitals, etc). The individual in the role of "helper" will be provided a discount on their ticket when we reach a particular number of enrollments.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We at Breech Without Borders are committed to supporting breech education via scholarships, with preference given to providers in underserved or historically disadvantaged communities. We set aside a portion of all workshop proceeds towards scholarships, funding 1 scholarship for every 10 registrations.

Thanks to a generous donation from a mother of a breech baby, we are able to extend our reach further! Over the next 5 years, her donation will fund $25,000 of BIPOC scholarships. This means that we can now offer 1 scholarship for every 5 workshop registrations!

Please encourage those who are interested in our scholarships to complete the application found here: Scholarship Application. Make sure that the applicants state the location of the workshop they are interested in attending.

Talking points

  • The workshop is not only a fantastic value, but it is also the safest option during these unprecedented times. Our virtual Breech Pro course combined with hands-on time with Sophie and Her Mum offers up to 18 CEU contact hours (ACNM, MEAC, DONA, ICEA).
  • The small groups of no more than four participants allows for optimal time with the simulators as well as the instructors.
  • The Breech Pro course will remain accessible for one year from when you begin and also includes monthly virtual meet-ups with Dr. Freeze and Hayes who will be available to answer your questions.
  • ¼ to ⅓ of all breeches are undiagnosed when labor begins--even if you don't plan on attending breeches regularly (or cannot due to state regulations), you should be skilled in how to attend a surprise breech.
  • The workshop is geared towards physicians and midwives, but EMTs, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, and parents are also welcome to attend. We also have other virtual courses: Breech 101, a course created specifically for parents, doulas, and childbirth educators; and the recordings of the 2019 Madison Breech Conference.
  • Simulation block-only tickets are available for BWB alums (previous attendees of a past BWB in-person workshop, and those who have completed Breech Pro and/or 2019 Madison Breech Conference course) for $100.

Quick blurb about the workshop

3-4% of all term babies are breech. Of those, 1/4 to 1/3 are undiagnosed when labor begins. If you are a health care provider or EMT, you are likely to encounter a surprise breech during your career. In addition, many women with known breech presentations wish to avoid a cesarean section and want skilled providers to attend them. We owe it to women to offer them safe vaginal breech birth.

This workshop will give you the skills and confidence to understand the normal mechanisms of breech birth, to know when to be hands-off and when to offer assistance, and to apply the appropriate maneuvers for women in both supine and upright positions. You will also learn about the most up-to-date evidence about term breech outcomes for the baby and for the mother (both short- and long-term), and for the mother's future pregnancies and births.

Our Hybrid course includes 15 hours of virtual instruction (self-paced and accessible for one year) and two hours of in-person hands-on training by a breech researcher and/or an obstetrician who has attended breech births in both home and hospital settings. The virtual course segment also includes over four hours of filmed simulations for easy review of the skills learned during your time with Sophie and Her Mum.

FAQs for attendees

When will I receive access to Breech Pro? 
Once you have completed the registration and payment process, you will receive access to Breech Pro within 24 hours.

Do I need to have Breech Pro completed before I attend the simulations?
We highly recommend that you have completed the virtual course before attending in person. If you have a foundational understanding of physiologic breech birth and of the maneuvers we teach in Breech Pro, you will get the most out of your time with our simulators.

What about Covid-19?
Our Hybrid course is designed specifically with Covid-19 in mind. The Breech Pro portion will be done fully online and is self-paced and downloadable. Our simulation sessions provide the necessary balance to online learning as we believe hands-on experience is critical to our mission to reteaching breech.

Must I wear a mask?
Yes. All attendees must wear a mask for the duration of their simulation block. We will be providing all attendees with masks. You may also bring your own mask if it is rated N95+ or if it exceeds the protection level of a surgical mask. We will maintain social distance spacing and no more than six participants at a time. While participants are working with Sophie and Her Mum, this spacing will be limited to approximately two feet as the mechanics of the simulators require the instructor to be close to the participant doing the simulation.

Do I get to choose my time block?
Yes, you may reserve your time block on a first come, first served basis. This is done during the ticketing process. If you know that there are limitations to your schedule, we recommend registering as soon as possible.

I attended an in-person workshop in 2019, can I attend to refresh my skills?
Yes. BWB alums who have completed a hybrid or in-person workshop within the last two years are able to purchase a simulation session for $100. If it has been longer than two years since you attended a BWB training, you will also need to enroll in our Breech Refresh course. This will best prepare you for the simulation sessions.

What if I miss my simulation session due to a birth?
If possible, we will reschedule you to another time slot (depending on availability). If we cannot, you can opt for a $100 refund and keep your access to Breech Pro.

Is it possible to have a private simulation/consultation session?
In some workshops, you can schedule a private session with Dr. Hayes and/or Dr. Freeze for $100/hour.

Is my ticket tax-deductible?
Yes. Breech Without Borders is a non-profit 501(c)3, and your ticket cost and any donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

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