The cruelty of mandatory C-sections


Every time I hear someone say that planning a vaginal breech birth is "selfish", it ignites a fire in me. 

Having breech babies traumatized me, and I feel sort of silly for finally coming to that obvious realization. 

I spent 2 weeks crying in fear of another C-section when I found out my second was also breech. 

Having an ECV because I felt like it was my only real option and chance to flip my baby around. During that, my blood pressure became dangerously low and my baby's heart rate kept dropping. 

Being told "no" over and over again when I called every hospital in a 150 mile radius begging for someone, anyone to help me deliver my baby naturally. 

Refusing to schedule a C-section then refusing again in labor until I felt too scared to continue and physically couldn't anymore. 

I didn't feel safe giving birth at home or in the hospital. I didn't feel safe anywhere because I felt like no one truly had my back. No one believed in me. 

Having a breech baby is a unique kind of stress and fear. The only other time in my life where I felt so trapped, and like I had no say over what happened to my body was during a sexual assault. 

Mandatory C-sections for breech is cruel, plain and simple. It's not selfish to want a choice. There needs to be more options for mothers.