Breech-breech twins


I had planned a home birth for my breech twins with an awesome doctor who was going to fly up to Alaska all the way from NC! We were so excited!

My water broke 2 days before his arrival, and I went to the hospital pushing and declined a c section. My OB on call that night was aware of my home birth plans and was actually going to attend to learn. Instead she ended up delivering my babies.

I was very fortunate to have her support in a breech delivery and I'm glad I was able to show what can be done to some skeptics in the hospital. It wasn't perfect and I had a few interventions I didn't want (cords cut sooner than I wanted and she broke my water on the second baby). But no drugs. No C-section. I accepted the interventions because I knew she was already pushing her comfort zone so I compromised a bit. I was so bummed not to have the more hands-off water birth experience we hoped for, but we still fought for our vaginal birth and got it. And if we helped prevent one more unnecessary C-section for another woman, then I say that's worth it!

I don't recommend showing up pushing a breech baby out if you don't have a provider on board, though. Last thing you want is them pulling him or her out. I was very blessed with my options . Both were born breech! 6 hours total labor from when my water broke on Twin A, and they were born only 45 minutes apart.

I did not have an epidural or any drugs. I declined an IV initially and then allowed it as tensions were high and I wanted a low stress environment as much as possible. I was already in the OR which was annoying enough. Fight for your right to choose! No type of extraction. I had a great OB who was on my side. I just didn't know it until then!!

My second baby dropped right away into the birth canal and didn't need to be flipped. The OB said she was going to try to flip him, but I didn't want that either. So I'm glad it wasn't an option.

I was told by another doctor they would be extracting twin B. I thought that sounded crazy. They should just let you labor normally to have the second. That's what I did for the most part. 

I was 37 weeks and 1 day. Babies were 4 lbs 7 oz (2012 g) and 5 lbs 4 oz (2380 g). Smaller born first.