About BWB

BWB Board Members

Rixa has a PhD focusing on childbirth and maternity care from the U of Iowa. Her research focus began with homebirth and unassisted birth and ended with vaginal breech birth.

Rixa Freeze, PhD

Founder & President, France/USA

David has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in resource poor settings, critical care obstetrics, and home birth, and worked for MSF in many roles including emergency obstetrics and fistula repair.

David Hayes, MD

Medical Director, USA

Kristine has been a midwife for over 30 years and has attended over 5000 births, ranging from at home, hosiptal, refugee camps, and remote rural clinics.

Kristine Lauria, CPM

Global Midwifery Director. USA

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Cecilia Varona, MD

Latin America Outreach Coordinator, Mexico

Shannon has been attending births since 1992 at home, birth centers, and hospitals. She is engaged in community activism to improve childbirth. 

Shannon Mitchell, CPM

Secretary, USA

Sarah has a background in Art and Education and became passionate about birth when she became pregnant with her daughter after graduate school. This experience began her into midwifery.

Sarah Tuck

Treasurer, USA

Bridget is the mother of three children: a breech singleton born vaginally and breech/cephalic twins born via an unnecessary c-section due to lack of provider skill. She is a mathematician with a background in teaching mathematics at post-secondary institutions and developing mathematics curriculum at the elementary and secondary level.

Bridget Brimacombe, PhD

Board Member At Large, Canada