Incomplete breech VBA2C on a birth stool (Canada)

This was a vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C). The mother's first two c-sections were for breech presentation.

The mother's water broke 19 hours before labor began. Gestational age: 40 w, birth weight: 3315 g, length of labor: 5.5 hours (21 minutes from 6 cm to birth). Umbilical cord presentation was discovered via ultrasound 4 days prior to labor.

The video will be shown 3 times:
1. Unedited with dialogue
2. Edited with commentary
3. 4x-8x slow-motion of the final moments of birth

Commentary from a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist:
The main educational point that I see in this video is that if you have a cord prolapse with a nonfrank breech, that condition might persist for a prolonged period without compromising the baby. [See Kouam & Miller 1980]

There is need for clinician judgement early on with the cord prolapse, and the attendants must decide what to do or not do. But once the baby starts rumping, there is no further judgement required because the baby basically slides out super fast. This obviates any need for any decision making in this case.

From this angle you see the baby's back, so you can't look for signs like the chest crease and bulging of the maternal perineum and anus.